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However, we need to understand that our fears are unfounded and not be afraid to express ourselves. Besides, is everything everybody said approved?

When you disagree with the opinion of someone you just met, does the other person lose something from themselves? Of course no. I mean, even if you are criticized or judged negatively at worst, you can be sure that you will be you again. Therefore, stop overestimating the meeting with new person and be confident in yourself. Already when your voice is loud, you are guaranteed to get your first plus point from the other side.

Another tactic you can use to meet new people is to join different groups and take part in different activities.

For this, you can acquire a new hobby, attend courses in areas that interest you, take part in professional organizations, participate in volunteering and many other things. So just join a community that will delight you.

In this way, you can spend quality time, learn something and make friends. In other words, you can enjoy shooting more than one bird at the same time using the method of being in different communities. If a friend invites you to a birthday party, dinner, outing or any other event, don’t miss out and join in.

Since the event you attend is organized by another friend, you will not have a hard time communicating with the people you meet. Because there will be a ready subject you can chat with. You see, this is an advantage for you. You can start the conversation by asking the person you just met how he / she knows your mutual friend, and you can advance the conversation according to the answer you will receive. Besides, the probability of your agreement with the people here will be quite high. After all, since both sides can get along with mutual friends, it will be quite normal for you to be compatible with the new person you will meet.

In addition, when it comes to not missing opportunities to meet new people, don’t just think of attending the events you were invited to. It is possible to add new people to your life at any moment, in your bus flight travels, bank queues, hospitals, parks, in short! As long as you dare to raise your head and look around for a little bit and get out of your shell!

Manifesto, which is also used as Tourism and Hotel Management Term: It means the document showing the loads to be sent. Manifesto, which is also used in art: The articles that are based on the announcement of a social movement and expressing the idea and that state the formation of a movement, is called a manifesto.

This is expressed in the form of a declaration. I stood up and encouraged those who were alike to stand up: Many of them had coffee cups in their hands. The other half of the group stood up. With the first light laughs, most of the group stood up, myself included.

It did not surprise me that the group returned to the common issue in a short time. More than a quarter of the room stood up. About 10 people stood up. Most people got up with deep breaths.

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