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After all, men don’t want a “pure” wife because they think they are more loyal and more determined?

Solution: Leave it ashamed. This is about him. We think sex is dirty and gross, but we want and want it anyway. We need to rearrange the desire for sex as something beautiful and healthy – not just for men, but for women as well. We need to remember that women who want to have sex are not insatiable monsters (more than you!) And can be excellent partners in the long run.

Come on now, give a good reason why men always pay dates. This was an old-fashioned nonsense of a time when young women did not have reliable income streams and young men also set the stage for the now-foolish bread-and-bread-making and housewife model.

And it’s not just old-fashioned women who buy this one. The most modern women and many good men! Ladies, what are we doing to ourselves here? This is nonsense and we know it. We earn our own money, we can also pay for dates.

Solution: Whoever does the question pays for it. If you ask someone to ask for steak and lobster, I hope there is also money to sign this bill. If it’s not on your budget, have a picnic or go to the cafe.

Also, the non-paying party should always offer half coverage. At least when you get to know each other first. After a while, you can have a conversation about what works best for you as a couple.

This occurs relatively frequently in my own marriage, because I am a woman who is not afraid to tell anyone. Even a man.

Recently a man said something disgusting to my son and I when he walked away from us. Without thinking, “Do you want to say this to my face?” I said.

When he turned around and came to me, I realized that this was not the safest option. When my husband met my son and me outside the shop, he was frozen. “You’re going to force me to fight these things, too,” he said.

He told me about the pressure of a man, especially a husband and father, on raiding and defending us.

“What if I walked away while this guy was yelling at you?” Asked. Or if I keep quiet? You may not realize it, but I feel like a failure, and most of the people watching saw me as a jerk, a pimp, or a bad husband and father. “

Since women are really smaller and less able to protect ourselves and it is a difficult situation, and we often do not have the social capital to defend ourselves due to the remnants of other men’s patriarchy. That’s why we often urge men to stand up to other people dealing with issues such as street harassment and rape.

Men need to stand up to other men when they see that they have been subjected to abuse, sexism or harassment. We have seen it over and over again, as nothing changed until the ruling group (in this case, the men) gave support to the oppressed group. But in some ways, I feel like this also undermines my right to stand up against myself without putting my husband at risk.

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