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To find love, seven strangers leave Japan and embark together on a journey through Africa, where challenges, adventures and romantic moments await them.

To find love, seven strangers leave Japan and embark together on a journey through Africa, where challenges, adventures and romantic moments await them.

The new participants meet in Kenya, the first country of their trip. Before enjoying the safari, Shu-mai finds out that she has the same birthday as Su-su.

Participants visit Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. Then they stop at the Ainori school, which was founded in 2005, and meet some graduates.

Without her cell phone, U-zi can’t tell if she likes young Kou. To get his attention, he makes a slightly strange gesture.

After a tandem bike ride, Shu-mai talks to Su-su. U-zi is still thinking about leaving, and the participants are heading to the mountains to compete.

U-zi, who has never invited a girl to a date, gathers the courage to confess to Kou. The love minibus leaves for Uganda, the next country.

Hide has a cold reception. Encouraged by Husky, Shu-mai tries to talk to Su-su on the banks of the White Nile, but she sets her eyes on someone else.

Haribo’s condition worsens, especially worrying Su-su. Participants meet “the ugliest man in Uganda”, one of the many disabled.

With the help of friends, Shu-mai undergoes a transformation and someone begins to like Hide. The group talks to some former child soldiers.

Hide and the driver take Shu-mai to a shaman, who recommends him a magic dish to attract Su-su’s affection. Then Haribo returns to the minibus.

One of the couples in love has tensions during the tent trip to Lake Victoria. Su-su decides to confess to Haribo.

The love minibus arrives in Rwanda, where new participants are waiting for it: dance teacher Yuina and ninja Joy-kun. Suffering from typhoid fever, Kou continues on her way.

In a rural hospital, competitors get acquainted with the national drone delivery system for blood transfusions, and then learn about the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Kou and Yuina are sick, so Husky remains the only woman in the love bus, but after she gets sick too, the men try to cheer her up.

Joy-kun asks the filmmakers to bring Husky to see him. O-ji worries about Kou, who is very ill. Competitors visit Lake Kivu.

O-ji wants to surprise Kou on an island in Lake Kivu, but is prevented by a strong storm. The next morning, Kou makes an announcement.

The remaining five competitors fly to Tanzania, where they are joined by two new competitors: Aonyan, a cafe owner, and Genove, a former club manager.

Husky decides to spend his day with Genoa, to Joy-kun’s frustration. Competitors visit the famous archeological site of Laetoli.

Genoa is becoming a favorite topic for members, and Hide is proposing a climb on Kilimanjaro, a challenge that ended prematurely for him 15 years ago.

Members begin the six-day journey to the top of the Kilimanjaro massif. During the difficult climb, Joykun tries to get closer to Husky.

In the last stage of the journey, all seven members reach the top, but the extreme conditions have their say.

Husky reflects on the rise and how it changed his perspective on Joykun. Following the climb, Hide announces to the others that he has made an important decision.

Aonyan responds to Genoa’s confession. The remaining participants head to Zanzibar, where Husky confesses to Joy-kun about her past.

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