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In such societies, the work of those of the chieftain or noble housekeeper verk class was considered a shame. They spent their days sleeping, having fun, hosting guests, and going hunting. Peasant class fecot women were also not employed outside of household chores. Therefore, there was a widespread state of indolence among the upper classes in such societies.

Serfs, slaves, and poor peasants had taken on the burden of society. On the other hand, the archaic democratic social structure was preserved to a great extent in Adige communities where classes such as Natuhay, Shapsug, Hakuç and Abzehler living on the Black Sea coast and in the mountains did not appear sufficiently. It was used by the peasant class fekotl through popular assemblies called Sovereignty Hase. There were mostly patriarchal slave relations. Slaves and serfs were few, even if landed slaves were found.

He was most often found among the slaves Abzehs. According to some written sources, one-fourth of the Ubykh, one-tenth of the Abzehs, and one-twentieth of the Shapsugs were direct slaves vineut or land slaves. It is the head of the family and the father who takes all the decisions, and his decisions are orders. Although it is common for more than one sibling to live in a household, these siblings are independent of each other in terms of assets and jobs.

However, they become one body when a guest arrives or against injustice that may come from outside. The child is named not by his parents, but by his grandparents or by one of his close relatives or friends. Kasenlik is a friendship relationship between single girls and boys who are married or not engaged, within the framework of habze rules, and both of them who maintain this relationship are called kasen. Young people who learn that they are relatives during the meeting process do not have cachet. In the past, it was forbidden for boys and girls to be from the same village.

When the girl doesn’t want to meet the young man, the boy doesn’t bother the girl. They have to obey the unwritten rules of habza of Circassians. Two brothers do not attend the meeting at the same time. Priority is your big brother. Kasens cannot meet outside the community. During Zehes, the young man stands up and “if the society allows, the young girl responds by standing up, if there is an older relative in the environment, he gives her power of attorney.

Generally, it is customary for the village’s young people to offer to the guest girls. Circassian boys and girls get together with each other in weddings, ceugs, meetings, and chat.

These meetings, whose responsibility lies with a person named “thamate”, are most common in villages. In such meetings, young people from several villages usually come together. There are chats, games and entertainment that last until the morning. These nights, where boys and girls sit opposite each other, help young people get to know each other. Conversation nights are not only a source of entertainment but also a place of education, since girls and boys are trained in such gatherings within the framework of Circassian customs and traditions, starting from a certain age.

Most of the Circassians got married at the end of the itinerary period. Every Circassian has a stamp, but not all Circassians result in marriage. Itching, which starts with Pseluk and continues afterwards, is seen in two types, serious and joking, among Circassians.

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